Hello, I am Sol Rossi (Aka Marisol Erika Rossi) and I am delighted with your visit; keep reading if you want to know more about my life...
I LOVE ILLLUSTRATING since I can remember and I have been doing it as a hobby for decades...
I studied graphic design (Buenos Aires University) and languages and worked on these areas for years (In Buenos Aires and then in Dublin, Ireland).
Doing animated ads for Dell Latin America and designing graphics for Carniege Mellon University were some of the tasks I remember with lots of love but the high stress company life had a limit (no more than a decade) and I moved to Italy with my husband where I started exploring the options to redesign my career in the right direction and almost by chance I started illustrating articles for a Canadian blog (about human relatioships).
Also one day, out of curiosity, I dared to submit some images to illustrative Berlin 2013. At the end my work wasn't selected but I was invited to the show! The illustration bug was back to stay forever! ;)
In 2014 I did a drawing that had a big success in social media (Likes, followers, encouragement, etc.) so I submited it to illustrative Berlin 2015 and this time my work wasn't selected either BUT this time my drawing participated in the side exhibition, Art of Passion (An exhibition dedicated to fan art).
Now I am determined to finally pursue a full time career in illustration for the rest of my life.